About halfway into their first set I knew that this band had tapped into something essential and much needed in the Pandemic Era.


Their blend of rock genres creates a sound that is nothing short of cathartic. Maybe, it is due to the circumstances of this bands formation. A group of lifelong friends, reunited by the pandemic; a moment in time that has allowed space for a creative renaissance across the country.

These guys took full advantage of the unique moment created by the Covid-19 Pandemic, diving deep into their creative process. Thier music is the perfect inoculation from the angst, stresses, confusion and exhaustion of our current moment. As I listened I felt so much I was carrying melt away by their rowdy & cathartic sound.

Despite their incredible sound this band is still experimenting. With an eclectic mix of influences these childhood friends engage in a collaborative creative process. We sat down for a brief interview before they began playing to hear a little of their story.

They certainly have a range of sound, but all of it still feels like it is united by a powerful thread. When they started their 2nd song for us, we immediately heard the range they were capable of. Their varied influences really shine through on this one...

Ethan, the bands "Frontman" was eager to share the bands origin story. He had known all these guys as kids, but had moved away when he was still quite young. The pandemic brought him back home, where he reunited with these guys. It was perfect timing. The three, Maker and brothers Aiden & Liam had been searching for a fourth member to front their band. The free time generated by the Pandemic created the perfect environment to incubate their sound.

Without live shows happening the band was focused more on social media performances. They quickly built up a solid local following, and folks were eagerly waiting for their first live show...

As we prepared to leave they offered to play us one more song. This one showcases the bands more rowdy side. It was awesome to feel the energy in person, though our mics were blowing out throughout. So we strongly suggest catching them in person to truly appreciate their sound!

Lyndonville's Cane Corso sits down with Vermontcast